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Our 5 Step Process

Step 1. Branding

We make sure you dominate the search engines when your brand is searched for.

Step 2. Google Trust

We give Google what it needs to trust your site. Without this trust your site will not rank.

Step 3. Consistency

We fix inconsistencies with your business listings so you rank in all the major search engines.

Step 4. Links

We find related websites that are trusted by Google to talk about your website and give you a link to your website. The more links you have the better.

Step 5. Power

We increase the power of your site to help keep your rankings at the top once we get you there.

Align Digital Marketing - SEO Agency
  • ROI

Make your money work for you for years. Our affordable SEO is designed to give you a return with just a few sales a month but powerful enough to stand the test of time.

  • Monthly Reports

We send regular reports to keep you up to speed on your campaign. Any industry updates we send out reports to make you aware and advise you on changes that need to be made.

  • Dominating Google

Our goal is to take over the whole first page for your desired keywords giving your business a commanding presence over your competition.

  • We Are Partners

We are not a faceless company that is hard to get a hold of or nowhere to be found once you make a payment. If you have a concern or question, or you need an update, we are here to help.

  • Ingeniuity

We are fully submerged in the SEO world. When not working on clients sites we are busy in our mastermind group with the top people in this industry to ensure our clients’ get the maximum results from their investment.

  • Everything Done In House

For lasting results, there are no cutting corners in SEO. We build all links with our team of highly trained and dedicated professionals.

  • Increase Revenue

Watch as your company grows with the new streams of customers looking for your goods and services.

  • Increase Exposure

Expand your online presence with higher rankings and more keywords by dominating Google.

  • Grow Your Customer Base

Having more people interested in your products and services is our goal with the marketing strategies that we use.

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What You Need To Know About Search Engine Optimization Strategies

There is something called reputation management that you should be very well aware of. This is very important if you are marketing your products and services on the web. Essentially, the reputation of your company can be easily tarnished by people posting false information about your business. If they are able to optimize this content, it can rank very high, targeting keywords that potential customers for your business will be searching for. In order to combat this, you will have to work with a Miami SEO agency that is an expert in SEO strategies. Let’s discuss how these work, how these strategies are implemented, and where you can find the best SEO agency to help your business if you are suffering from this type of a problem.

How Does Online Marketing Work?

It is very difficult to get people to remove content on their website that they have posted about your company. Although you could legally sue them, this would take thousands of dollars, and that’s why many people hesitate in doing so. Unless it is a very large company that can afford the legal fees, they will instead work with an SEO business. These are companies that specialize in search engine optimization, and by default, will understand how to outrank all of the bad articles that are about your business. Essentially, they are going to post all of these new articles that they create, ranking them above all of the bad content. As they continue to rank this information, it will gradually push all of the bad content off of the first page of the serps.

How To Find Companies That Can Do This For You

The best way to find companies that can do this is to simply search for those that handle this type of Miami SEO job. They will likely have a section on their website that will detail how they will accomplish this. On the website, you will also see testimonials from people that may have to use their services. There may also be prices for their services posted, and if not, you can always fill out their discovery form and through that process, you will be given a price. Every job is different so it is not a one price fits all situation.

How Long Will It Take For Their Strategies To Work?

It’s probably going to take several months for the strategies to work. It just depends on how competitive the keywords are. The people that have done this to you are likely your competitors. They have probably paid another SEO company to try to destroy the reputation of your company. Therefore, it may take many months, or even a year or year and a half, to see all of those listings begin to disappear.

If you are able to assess many companies that offer this type of service, you will find one that will be affordable for you. By the end, your reputation should be back to normal because all of the bad press will be eliminated from the search listings. Find out more about these companies on the web by searching for them today. They can literally change the perception that the public has of your company by eliminating these negative articles from the first page of the search listings.

Search engine optimization in Miami, FL by Align Digital Marketing

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