How To Increase Your Website Conversions

How To Increase Your Website Conversionswebsite optimization company

Website conversions are something that all website owners need to consider. These conversions are when a visitor completing your desired action which could be purchasing something or signing up for your newsletter. The problem is that many people have issues with getting the conversions that they want or need. This is why you need to learn how to improve your website conversions.

Have Compelling Conversion Buttons

If you want to increase your website conversions, you need to have a compelling call to action buttons. Your desired action cannot be hidden in a run of the mill hyperlink because this will not compel anyone to complete the action. Of course, you will need to consider what these buttons need to look like and where they should be placed.

Most experts state that the best place for these buttons is above the fold of the website. The fold of the website is where the screen ends when you first land on the page. If the user has to scroll through your content to find the button, the chances of them completing the desired action will decrease.

If you are looking to have visitors contact your business by email or phone, you should have this information at the top of your page. Research has found that a visitor will look at the header of the website for this information before they look elsewhere. Making your buttons noticeable and easy to find will increase your website conversions.

Have Fast Load Times For All Pages

A lot of people underestimate the importance of fast page speeds when it comes to website conversions. If you have a page that loads quickly, visitors are more likely to stay on the page. However, if your website takes a while to load, the visitor is more likely to leave before the page has fully loaded and this will negatively impact your conversions.

Additionally, page load speed is one of the factors that the search engines look for when ranking website in the search results. Higher rankings will lead to better conversion rates because your website will be viewed as more credible and trustworthy.

Use Images Strategically

Adding an image to your webpage will increase the conversion rates, particularly if the page is text heavy. However, you do need to be careful with this because too many images can distract from the content. Using your images strategically to break up the text will make it easier for your visitors to digest the content and will ensure that there is no visual overload.

When placing your images, you need to ensure that they are linked to the content of the page. They should also be the right file type because large rich images will slow down your page loading speed. Too many small images around the page will also make it appear cluttered and lower the professional tone which will negatively impact your conversion rates.

Focus On Relevance

Relevance is a major factor when it comes to website conversions and is something that you have to focus on. You need to link the content to the desired action because asking people to contact you after you have provided them with unrelated content will not work. However, if you outline why people should use a business such as yours, you are more likely to see positive conversion rates.

When looking at relevance, you need to consider what your customers want to know as well. Having a website full of content that leads to your desired actions is important, but only when you are providing valuable information to your visitors.


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