Google Algorithms And Your Local Business

Google Algorithms And Your Local Business

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When thinking about doing work on your website, you would have to keep in mind Google algorithms, amongst other things. This is because rather than having to browse through millions of web pages, you would like to get the answer within a short span of time. Algorithms are something which would be able to help you do just that.

So, when thinking about ranking your website, it would be important that you try to gather information about Google algorithms as much as you possibly can. By being armed with all this relevant knowledge, you would be able to perform your work in a more effective manner. In addition, you would also be able to reduce the risk of running into trouble with the law anytime soon.

What is Google algorithm?

First things first, it would be a good idea to get the basic things out of the way. Google’s algorithm would basically be a series of complex computer programs that would be used to rank websites. In addition, it would also help to determine which ones would be displayed in the search engine results. Hence, you would find the goal of Google’s algorithm to be quite simple as well. For every person who would perform a search, they want Google would like to send a list of the most relevant websites that would answer their question. All of this would be done within a couple of seconds so that you would not have to wait long.

How does Google decide to rank websites?

Even though this tends to remain a huge mystery, it would still be possible to understand them by taking a look at a couple of things that they look out for when ranking websites. Some of these would be as follows:

  • Quality of the content which is being posted on the website
  • Freshness of the content i.e. how frequently the content gets updated
  • Quality and number of websites that would be linked to the site
  • Terms or keywords used on the site
  • Age of the website
  • Location of the business and searcher
  • Amount of time that people usually tend to spend on a website.

By taking a look at this list, you would be able to understand that there would be a lot of different things that you would be able to do in order to boost your search rankings.

What is an algorithm update?

As Google would learn more about how people tend to look for information, they would update their algorithm accordingly. This is because it would help them to improve the way they would order the websites on the list. In other words, it would refer to a change in the way the computer program would crawl the websites and determine which ones would need to be posted in the search engine results pages.

How frequently does that happen?

In the old days, Google’s algorithm was updated every couple of months. However, with the degree of competition increasing with every passing day, the updates tend to be becoming more frequent. The scary part is that most of these would not be publicly announced as well. So, if you would like to maintain your current ranking, you would need to update your website on a continuous basis and add fresh content.


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