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The Basic Rules Of Search Marketing For Attorneys At Law

The Basic Rules Of Search Marketing For Attorneys At LawLawyer Search engine optimization

Search marketing can bring you a lot of paying customers, but it can also ruin you. This is why you need to understand the basic principles of Lawyer SEO that will enable you to set up and run successful and profitable search marketing campaigns. Once your profitability goals become clear, you’ll be one step closer to achieving them.

Let’s see what you need to know about:

search marketing, website, and ads optimization, and conversion rates.

In search marketing, you have your ads displayed in the search engines of your choice. Whenever someone searches for one of the keywords you’re bidding on, your ad is going to be displayed on the results pages. Some of these users will click on your ad, and get redirected to your landing page. You only pay for these actions. If nobody clicks, you don’t have to pay a dime. However, the main point is to entice search engine users to click on your ad more often than on the ads of your competitors.

Attorney Search Engine Optimization

When bidding on keywords, you should ensure you stay profitable as ad costs for the law profession are extremely expensive. If, for instance, you spend $200 on an ad, you need to make a net profit of at least $200 to break even. Anything below this level will have a negative impact on your bottom line. Unfortunately, you may need to run a few test campaigns to start with, in order to determine the optimal bidding amounts. The problem with very low bids is that your ads won’t show up frequently enough to bring you the desired sales volumes. On the other hand, bidding more than what you can afford will generate a lot of sales, but no profit. You have to find the middle way, hence the need for ongoing testing and tweaking. This is why we recommend doing SEO for lawyers to get the best value for each dollar spent.

The other basic rule of search marketing is split testing. You have to conduct split tests for all your headlines and ad copy versions, as well as for your landing pages. Split testing can help you improve the conversion rates of your website, turning average campaigns into profitable ones. To make it clear, imagine that two websites invest $100 each in their search marketing campaigns. One of them scores a 2% conversion rate, while the second one scores 4%.

This means the first website will get two sales for every 100 website visitors, while the second one will get four sales for the same number of visitors. Since both websites have spent the same budget to get the 100 visitors, it’s easy to see that the second one has made a better use of this search marketing budget.

By improving your conversion rates, you can earn more money without increasing your marketing budgets.

Last but not least, you need to permanently keep tabs on your campaigns. You have to watch your positions, and tweak your bids to maintain them. As the search marketing landscape is very dynamic, ignoring what happens with the SERPs may cost you a lot. Your competitors don’t sleep, so you need to stay alert and be ready to take action whenever you notice a change that may affect your traffic volumes.

The best way to handle search marketing is by outsourcing it to an expert. Digital marketing agencies like Align Digital Marketing have the skills to set up and run profitable campaigns. They also have proven methodologies to conduct relevant split testing activities, and to adjust various parameters to improve website conversions. Besides, by hiring an agency, you can free up your valuable time, so that you can do what you know best, which is to run your business, to improve your products, and to cater to your customers. Why waste all this time trying to learn digital marketing, when you can use an expert to do all these for you?


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