5 Reasons to Optimize Your Website

5 Reasons to Optimize Your Website

If you own an online business, you know how important it is to have a website that converts very well. Poor website conversion will lead to fewer sales, which means less money for your business. There’re many steps you can take to optimize your website so that it will generate more business. This article is going to go over five steps that you can take to optimize your website today.

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Thorough Keyword Research

One of the first steps you can take to optimize your website is by doing thorough keyword research. If you do the proper research for keywords, you’ll figure out which keywords bring in the most traffic. You also be able to determine which keywords would be too competitive for your new website.

You may even be able to find keywords that your competition hasn’t target yet, which means it’ll be easier for you to rank it in Google. I have found many keywords that are easy to rank for that brought in a great deal of traffic and sales for my business, just by doing thorough keyword research.

Create Great content

An important step to keeping people on your website is creating engaging content for them to consume. You don’t want to create content that is boring since you will have a high bounce rate which leads to lower search engine rankings. If you’re creating just the normal blog posts, you should be able to get away with just 500 words. If you want to create a truly engaging page, you should aim for around 1000+ words. You should also put pictures within your post to break up the text. Adding pictures will make your website look a lot better for users.

Natural Keyword Usagewebsite optimization service

When you begin to use keywords within your pages be sure that they sound natural. The last thing you want to do is keyword stuff your pages because this will lead to a Google penalty. Adding keywords that don’t sound natural will also deter users because the article will sound like it was written by a robot instead of a human. The search engines were also ranking better if you have natural keyword usage. So search for the keywords you want to use and figure out how you can naturally put them in your article. This will be very beneficially for your users and Goole rankings.

Page Titles

One crucial thing that you need to have to keep customers on your website is an engaging page title. This is the very first thing that a user looks at and if the title doesn’t catch their attention you will lose them. A great title will be engaging and also give a description for the reader. The title should also be shorter than 70 characters. Over time you’ll get better at creating page titles, but to start, try looking at popular websites to see how they create their titles. You’ll get a general idea of how to create a great engaging article title, that’ll keep people on your page.

Page Load Time

The next thing that you’ll want to check is your page load time. If you have a high page load time, Google will usually penalize your website until you correct the problem. Many users will also leave your page if it takes too long to load. You can usually find your page speed in Google analytics. If you do find out you have a high page load time, one simple thing you can do is compress the pictures you are using on the webpage.

These are just several things you can do to increase your website optimization. If you factor in all of the tips above you should be able to create a high converting website which means more sales or hire a quality SEO company.


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