The Pros And Cons Of Using Google Analytics

The Pros And Cons Of Using Google Analytics

Analytics is essential for all websites regardless of the website size. You could be a small blog or a large online retailer, but once you set web analytics you gain a better understanding of how a website operates on the internet. An analytics program is able to reveal information on the types of visitors visiting the website, where the traffic comes from, the value the traffic brings, and much more.

In today’s online market, there are many different types of analytics software available including Google Analytics and Clicky. Some of the programs are costly, but there are others that can be used free of charge. This article will discuss the use of one of the free options, Google Analytics, and how it can be a good and a bad thing.

What Are The Different Benefits Of Using Google Analytics?

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The majority of web developers will agree that Google Analytics is highly beneficial when designing and publishing a successful website. In fact, some people have considered it to be the most recommended tool for website projects and the most practical among all analytics software programs. Below are the different benefits of the program:

• It is free of charge
• It is easy to install
• It can be applied to all websites, mobile, and other digital settings
• It allows importing data from different sources
• It allows for customized data collection and report creation
• It allows for e-commerce and goal tracking
• It is being updated regularly
• It offers free online training

Potentially the greatest reason why people opt for Google Analytics is that it is free to use. Being a free resource, this analytics program offers low-entry barriers for any simple blog or start-up website. Furthermore, it is simple to install and the tracking code is included in the interface using a unique user identification number.

One valuable feature unique to Google Analytics is their ability to link data between all Google products. For example, if you are advertising with Google Adsense or using Google Adwords, it is possible to analyze the results from both accounts using Google Analytics.

The interface of this program offers a customized tracking code to collect data using queries. It is also possible to design custom reports using the interface which can be time-saving when compared to using the same data in standard reports.

What Are The Cons Of Using Google Analytics?

As with the majority of things in life, there is always a downside and the same can be seen with Google Analytics. Despite being a highly beneficial tool, there are cons that will reveal themselves at some point. Some of the cons may not be drawbacks for all people, but many people consider these points to be negative aspects.

• It is free to use
• A limited amount of goals
• A limited number of customized reports
• A need for constant online training
• Upgrading to Analytics Premium is expensive

In most cases, using a free program is a benefit; however, there are cases when having a free program is not a positive aspect. The problem with using a free Google service is that Google receives all website data. The data will not be shared with competitors, but if you are using top-secret information then you may have to reconsider your level of confidentiality.

One of the most frustrating aspects of Google Analytics is the restriction regarding customized reports and goals. Goals are restricted to twenty objectives and while this is fine for an average blog, it can be challenging for a larger company. Moreover, once the goal has been created it cannot be removed.

Final Words

Using an analytics program is important when running a website and Google Analytics can be highly beneficial to use. Using the information above, you can decide whether or not this program is suited to your needs.



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