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On-page optimization

Website Optimization Techniques

In the case of on-page optimization, you would be able to find that there would be various factors which you would need to take in to account for search engine results. Even though the priority tends to differ in varying levels, they would all be something which you would have to consider.

So, before you would get down to on-page optimization, the first thing that you would have to do is choose the right set of keywords for your website.

Title of pages

For on-page optimization, you would find titles to be pretty important. Since these would show up at the top of the browser and would also often be used by search engines in search engine results, you would have to make sure that it would be successful in catching the interest of the visitors. In addition, you would find the title to be a pretty good place for keywords as well. In order to be successful, you would have to make sure that the title would be to the point and direct. You would also have to keep in mind that each page title would be unique so that your visitors would not get confused.


In the case of URLs, you would find that a lot of website designers would not seem to pay much attention to it. By just working on the surface, you would find these links to be an alphabet soup when you would go to deeper pages. On the other hand, each of them would seem to change dynamically every time you would visit your website. As a result, it would become quite difficult for the bots to monitor your website. It would be because of this reason that you would need to make sure that your URLs would be search-friendly.

Meta description

This is a description which would show up in the code of the page. As such, you would have to make sure that every page on your site would have its unique meta description tag. This would often be used to describe the page when it would be listed in the search engine result. It would also be because of this reason that you would have to make sure that your meta description would be relevant to your website.


The content is actually considered to be the most important bit. Regardless of what product or service you would be selling, you would have to make sure that the content would be relevant to each page. In addition, you would also have to make sure that it would read smoothly and would be understandable to the mass audience. It would also seem like a good idea to link your content with other sites, where it would be relevant and legit. By doing so, you would be able to increase the trust factor of your website. In addition, you should also not forget to update your content from time to time in order to keep things fresh and interesting.



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