Service Areas

Our Philadelphia, Pa. Service Areas


1. Fishtown

Fishtown is a neighborhood in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. Located immediately northeast of Center City, its borders are somewhat disputed today due to many factors but are roughly defined by the triangle created by the Delaware River, Frankford Avenue, and York Street. Some newer residents expand the area to Lehigh Avenue, while some older residents shrink the area to Norris Street. It is served by the Market–Frankford Line rapid transit subway/elevated line of the SEPTA system. Fishtown is known as a working-class Irish Catholic neighborhood. Recently, however, the neighborhood has seen a large influx of young urban professionals and gentrification.

2. Old City



3. Fairmount



4. Northern Liberties



5. Kensington



6. Southwest Center City



7. Manayunk



8. Chestnut Hill



9. South Street



10. Bella Vista



11. Queen Village



12. Mount Airy



13. Roxborough



14. Germantown



15. Washington Square West



16. East Falls



17. Point Breeze



18. Frankford



19. Pennsport



20. Cedar Park



21. Port Richmond



22. Powelton Village



23. Spruce Hill



24. Logan Square



25. Fox Chase



26. Brewerytown



27. Bridesburg



28. Holmesburg



29. Somerton



30. Nicetown-Tioga



31. Grays Ferry



32. Harrowgate



34. Kingsessing


About Kingsessing


History Of Kingsessing


Things to do in Kingsessing


Kingsessing Zip Codes:


Kingsessing Geo Coordinates:

Lat: 39.940700
Long: -75.224150

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35. Mayfair


About Mayfair


History Of Mayfair


Things to do in Mayfair


Mayfair Zip Codes:


Mayfair Geo Coordinates:

Lat: 40.037200
Long: -75.053010

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36. Olney


About Olney


History Of Olney


Things to do in Olney


Olney Zip Codes:


Olney Geo Coordinates:

Lat: 40.035590
Long: -75.123880

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37. Southwark


About Southwark


History Of Southwark


Things to do in Southwark


Southwark Zip Codes:


Southwark Geo Coordinates:

Lat: 39.951060
Long: -75.165620

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38. Bustleton


About Bustleton


History Of Bustleton


Things to do in Bustleton


Bustleton Zip Codes:


Bustleton Geo Coordinates:

Lat: 40.089040
Long: -75.045550

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39. Chinatown


About Chinatown:


History Of Chinatown:


Things to do in Chinatown:


Chinatown Zip Codes:


Chinatown Geo Coordinates:

Lat: 39.955570
Long: -75.157470

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40. Mantua


About Mantua:


History Of Mantua:


Things to do in Mantua:


Mantua Zip Codes:


Mantua Geo Coordinates:

Lat: 39.962930
Long: -75.191380

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41. Strawberry Mansion


About Strawberry Mansion:


History Of Strawberry Mansion:


Things to do in Strawberry Mansion:


Strawberry Mansion Zip Codes:


Strawberry Mansion Geo Coordinates:

Lat: 39.988660
Long: -75.187060

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42. Fairhill


About Fairhill:


History Of Fairhill:


Things to do in Fairhill:


Fairhill Zip Codes:


Fairhill Geo Coordinates:

Lat: 39.997140
Long: -75.142850

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43. Eastwick


About Eastwick:


History Of Eastwick:


Things to do in Eastwick:


Eastwick Zip Codes:


Eastwick Geo Coordinates:

Lat: 39.884690
Long: -75.229130

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44. Tacony


About Tacony:


History Of Tacony:


Things to do in Tacony:


Tacony Zip Codes:


Tacony Geo Coordinates:

Lat: 40.025470
Long: -75.041370

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45. Italian Market


About Italian Market:


History Of Italian Market:


Things to do in Italian Market:


Italian Market Zip Codes:


Italian Market Geo Coordinates:

Lat: 39.962740
Long: -75.247520

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46. Fitler Square


About Fitler Square:


History Of Fitler Square:


Things to do in Fitler Square:


Fitler Square Zip Codes:


Fitler Square Geo Coordinates:

Lat: 39.948690
Long: -75.158980

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47. Overbrook


About Overbrook:


History Of Overbrook:


Things to do in Overbrook:


Overbrook Zip Codes:


Overbrook Geo Coordinates:

Lat: 39.985070
Long: -75.247380

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48. Passyunk Square


About Passyunk Square:


History Of Passyunk Square:


Things to do in Passyunk Square:


Passyunk Square Zip Codes:


Passyunk Square Geo Coordinates:

Lat: 39.912070
Long: -75.189330

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49. Girard Estate


About Girard Estate:


History Of Girard Estate:


Things to do in Girard Estate:


Girard Estate Zip Codes:


Girard Estate Geo Coordinates:

Lat: 39.925920
Long: -75.181700

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50. Spring Garden


About Spring Garden:


History Of Spring Garden:


Things to do in Spring Garden:


Spring Garden Zip Codes:


Spring Garden Geo Coordinates:

Lat: 39.964520
Long: -75.182210

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51. Oxford Circle


About Oxford Circle:


History Of Oxford Circle:


Things to do in Oxford Circle:


Oxford Circle Zip Codes:


Oxford Circle Geo Coordinates:

Lat: 40.050130
Long: -75.072730

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