Keyword Density For SEO Purposes

Keyword density

In terms of keyword density, there would be a lot of questions that would pop up in your mind. Even though there would be other things that you would need to keep into account, keyword density would also be something that would matter.

What is keyword density?web page optimization best practices

If you would not find yourself to be familiar with the concept of keyword density, a small and simple definition would definitely be helpful. To keep things simple, keyword density would be the number of specified keywords that you would need to include in your article. This is something which would be represented in the form of a percentage.

What would be an ideal keyword density?

Even though there would be no specific criteria for this, it would be recommended by experts that you keep your keyword density somewhere between 2 and 4 percent. Even then, this would not need to be followed in all the cases. This is because you would be able to find tons of articles which have managed to become popular with a very low density of keywords in them.

Do search engines care about keyword density?

Yes, search engines do tend to care about keyword density. However, you would find this short answer to not be satisfactory. The reason why search engines tend to care about keywords is that it would help them to identify what your article would be about. However, you should not believe that the higher the keyword density, the better your article would be able to rank in search engine results. If you would be holding on to this belief, then it would be completely incorrect. This is because these kinds of articles would have no numeric value.

Keyword density strategies to rank well:

Therefore, if you would be thinking of ways in which you would be able to rank your page well with keyword density, there would be a couple of strategies that you could keep in mind. These would be as follows:

  • You should always choose a long-tail keyword. This is because short-tail keywords would just not be that helpful to get your posts to rank well
  • You should use keywords in headers inside the post. But you should keep them under a limit
  • You should not have to worry yourself sick about the ideal keyword density. This is because nothing like that actually seems to exist. In fact, you should stick with a limit which would be suitable for your post
  • Try to focus on a single keyword rather than including different kinds in your article. In addition to helping you write better, it would also help the search engine to rank your post well.

Thus, if you would like your article to rank well, you would have to keep it plain and simple as this always seems to be the best approach. Even though you might be tempted to stuff your article with various keywords, it would be highly advised that you do not go ahead with it. In addition to making your article highly confusing, there is no way that you would be able to achieve success with it.



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