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We help our clients to utilize their budget for search engine optimization to get the most out it and our system has been streamlined to maximize every dollar spent.

Web Design

From a cost effective template design to a fully customized website. We work within your budget to get you noticed online.

Google PPC Ads

Our proven ad strategies have continually run at a high ROI for our clients. Are you our next success story?

Facebook Ads

We set up, run and manage all your Facebook campaigns to ensure maximum profitability and return on ad spend.

Align Digital Marketing SEO Company

Our 5 Step Process

Step 1


We make sure you dominate the search engines when your brand is searched for.

Step 2

Google Trust

We give Google what it needs to trust your site. Without this trust your site will not rank.

Step 3


We fix inconsistencies with your business listings so you rank in all the major search engines.

Step 4


We find related websites that are trusted by Google to talk about your website. The more relevant links you have the better.

Step 5


We increase the power of your site to help keep your rankings at the top once we get you there.

Align Digital Marketing - SEO Agency
  • ROI

Make your money work for you for years. Our affordable SEO is designed to give you a return with just a few sales a month but powerful enough to stand the test of time.

  • Monthly Reports

We send regular reports to keep you up to speed on your campaign. Any industry updates we send out reports to make you aware and advise you on changes that need to be made.

  • Dominating Google

Our goal is to take over the whole first page for your desired keywords giving your business a commanding presence over your competition.

  • We Are Partners

We are not a faceless company that is hard to get a hold of or nowhere to be found once you make a payment. If you have a concern or question, or you need an update, we are here to help.

  • Ingeniuity

We are fully submerged in the SEO world. When not working on clients sites we are busy in our mastermind group with the top people in this industry to ensure our clients’ get the maximum results from their investment.

  • Everything Done In House

For lasting results, there are no cutting corners in SEO. We build all links with our team of highly trained and dedicated professionals.

  • Increase Revenue

Watch as your company grows with the new streams of customers looking for your goods and services.

  • Increase Exposure

Expand your online presence with higher rankings and more keywords by dominating Google.

  • Grow Your Customer Base

Having more people interested in your products and services is our goal with the marketing strategies that we use.

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is a common practice in online marketing that concentrates on improving the quality and quantity of your website traffic. Search engines deploy crawlers (bots) to visit your website and determine the context of the content published on the site. This directly influences how visitors can find your website when searching online.

The goal of SEO is to influence the positioning of your website for relevant keywords. This is achieved by optimizing the web pages. Off-site techniques include link building. By implementing these strategies, your website’s search ranking increases based on keywords that are relevant to your business.

How can SEO affect my business?

An ever-increasing number of people are using the Internet as the main source of information. They search for products and services before making a purchasing decision. Search engine optimization focuses on placing your business in front of consumers who are actively looking for specific products and services. Although the website can provide potential buyers and customers with vital information about products and services, it is almost redundant if visitors are not driven to it.

With search engine optimization, you can attract a wider audience of prospects to your website. This gives you an opportunity to boost conversion rates, thus generate increased revenue.

SEO is more than a philosophy, it is a meticulous working process. It entails gaining key insights into search engine rules to develop an effective strategy. Leveraging the power of the engines is a practical way to help potential customers find your brand’s offerings.

Optimization is the process of aligning the keywords that your target audience uses on a search engine with their core intent. By using a combination of tags, keywords, personalized content and other online tools, you can ensure that your target audience can discover your products and services quickly and easily. SEO provides a lucrative opportunity for your business to generate qualified leads without breaking the bank.

Benefits of working with our SEO agency

Align Digital Marketing SEO agency is a team of dynamic digital marketing experts and offer competitive rates without compromising on the quality of service. By choosing us, you can take comfort in knowing we have your businesses long-term sustainability in mind. This means your site’s online visibility will improve significantly by the end of the campaign and beyond.

We spend considerable time analyzing the behavior of prominent search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo. Our SEO agency at Align Digital Marketing has been working with customers in various niches for several years. All our customers have the same goal: to appear on the first spot on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

We focus on composing and updating different types of content for our clients’ sites to attract an increased number of visitors. When it comes to link building, we focus on quality rather than quantity. Our team of professionals is aware that a specific number of inbound links are required to improve ranking in search results.

Helping you achieve your digital marketing objectives

We take advantage of our skills base and advanced technology to help you achieve your SEO objectives. We help you align your overall business objectives with your content marketing strategy to boost sales and grow the business.

We carry out a detailed analysis of your existing website to formulate effective SEO strategies. Our planning stage concentrates on devising off-page, on-page and keyword research strategies. Considerable time is spent looking at the accessibility of the website. This allows us to identify key elements that can prevent search engine bots from crawling web pages correctly.

Our optimization service involves checking whether the content is indexed correctly. Keywords, including H1 and H2 tags must be used in the most effective way to allow major search engines to index the website. The structure of the current link profile and the keyword density are improved simultaneously.

Duplicated content issues

We conduct thorough tests to identify duplicate content and make the required adjustments to ensure high content integrity. Duplicate content can complicate the situation when identical text is detected on multiple URLs. This may involve indexing indifferent category pages, tag pages, list pages, PDF pages and print pages.

PDF documents may be useful to your readers but they have the capacity to cause problems. Thankfully, we can help resolve these issues. It is important to note that ease of use is actually a key part of SEO.

Google favors unique content and it does not present multiple versions of the same page. To remove duplicate content, you must be aware of potential locations and there are several spots to check. Fortunately, our SEO agency has tools that make it easier to identify identical content and resolve the issue.

Site speed

An aesthetically pleasing website does not automatically translate to high rankings on the search engines. The site must be fast and easy to navigate. Website speed has become an important signal for search engines. A slow website is associated with bad user experiences. For the past few years, the technology giant has been encouraging website owners to focus on speed.

As a result, speed affects indexing. If you have a relatively larger website, fewer inbound links and slow response times, it will be difficult for engines to crawl it properly and rank the site higher.

Studies have also shown that if a website is not loaded after five seconds, more than half of the users simply close the browser and exit the site. Google measures this user behavior and assigns an overall score for your website.

By improving the load speed of your website, you provide a better user experience. In turn, visitors will most likely stay for longer. If users spend a long time on your site, this is a signal to Google that your website is performing optimally and that users find it interesting.

Google’s speed-rating tool is called PageSpeed Insights. The tool rates your site based on a variety of predefined criteria. These include the compression of images, files, scripts and merging CSS files, which are elements that help improve the load speed of your website. A well-optimized website is given a score of over 90.

A correct and good indexing is the first step in any SEO setup. If a page on a website is not indexed, the page cannot rank in search results, so it can not be found. It actually means that the page does not exist – for search engine users at least.